Arthur Becker: Not Your Average Investor

Arthur Becker is not your typical tech or real estate investor. His New York City office includes an art studio where he creates mandalas made out of origami butterflies. He studied at a Buddhist monastery in Vermont for a time, and thinks deeply about modern man’s relationship to money. He was married to wedding dress designer Vera Wang for 23 years before splitting five years ago. He is a prominent New York City real estate investor and has recently started his first solo venture in developing the luxury condos of 465 Washington Street.

When you look at Arthur Becker’s career trajectory, you notice one thing: He never limits himself. Becker made it big in 200os when he invested in several successful tech companies, but he did not chose to limit himself or his funding to solely tech companies. He took what he learned from investing in tech and transferred it into realities, which he already had a love for. He was a silent backer for the Billionaire’s Row development project spearheaded by NYC developers Kevin Maloney and Michael Stern. Arthur Becker describes his path to success as one of luck, but it may be that his willingness to try new things and remain open has played a large part in it. In one instance, he says that he and a friend invested in a Macadamia nut farm in Hawaii. Though the investment was ultimately not successful, he learned a great deal in the process. Visit Bloomberg to know more.

Arthur Becker’s business career started as he followed a passion for restoring 18th century houses. After receiving his master’s in business at Dartmouth College, Arthur Becker describes moving to Vermont to live in a Buddhist monastery. His time in Vermont put him into contact with beautiful old houses, which had an aesthetic appeal to him. His natural abilities as an artist gave him an advantage as he restored the houses, and he took off quickly in this field. After a time, he moved to Los Angeles, California, where he began investing in various ventures. In the 2000s he invested in two very successful tech companies. His investing interests now cover bio tech, art, and real estate.

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Clearabee for Your Rubbish Clearance

Clearabee Is a London based rubbish clearance and waste Removal Company. The company’s most popular service is the man and van rubbish clearance, which is an entirely flexible and convenient in-house clearance service. The rubbish removal company was founded in the year 2012 by Rob Lynton and its co-founder Daniel long. The clearabee company offers both same day service to most major cities and next day collection services to other parts of the country. Essentially, the company can remove all waste streams as desired by its clients including labor and loading. Its services are available in 24 hours six days a week.

Clearabee started out on debts, unsupported ideas and with no funding at all, it started out by offering domestic customers with robust service that eventually led to its financing and expansion to the point of national business. Due to the on-demand rubbish removal, the company has grown rapidly. And for that reason, it has acquired a technology-enabled approach system that allows it to respond promptly to its customer’s demands to the extent of providing a complete audit trail. With time, the rubbish collecting business has managed to generate cash flow and is now focused on its expansion for easier services within the whole country as well as to grow its market shares and services.

Clearabee Company has opened a new depot in the outskirts of London and has been able to hire more employees. Due to its fast growth across the continent, the rubbish collecting company has plans to employ even more workers. The company has had investment offers, but according to its co- founder Daniel Long, the company’s growth targets are currently being met by the firm’s money generation ability.