How One Could Say Kate Hudson’s Company Fabletics Is Taking On Amazon

When you hear about traditional fashion and lifestyle retail stores shuttering locations and seeing a decline in shopping malls, the first culprit that usually comes to mind is Amazon. It’s no surprise that with its cheaper prices and unique way of doing business, the e-commerce giant has become one of the biggest threats to brick and mortar companies. But one fashion brand that seems to be catching on to Amazon’s secrets is Fabletics, a woman’s athleisure brand owned by movie actress Kate Hudson. Fabletics came into existence from the hope that women of all ages and sizes could find sportswear that was both affordable and enticing for them, and Hudson has not only endorsed but has made the brand her very own.


The way Fabletics has had success competing with Amazon is that they’ve used a variety of methods to take advantage of the online first browsing but then bring those customers into their physical stores which are being opened. This perhaps is a sign that while the old physical store companies may be on the decline, physical stores are still important because customers still need to try on the apparel at the end of the day. What this entails is reverse showrooming which means instead of heading to the stores first see what they want and then buying online, they see what they want online first and then go to the store to get it. A simple concept but one that’s really not been done this way with certain other retailers.


So how did Fabletics really begin? While Kate Hudson has really put her stamp on the company, it’s an offshoot of JustFab which is now known as Techstyle Fashion Group, a company that former MySpace marketing gurus Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler founded. They wanted to enter the women’s athletic wear niche because they saw a void in that market that needed to be filled by more affordable designs. They decided to have Hudson run it because her personality and love for all things authentic was the perfect touch, and Hudson was all too happy to do it.


Hudson had only been an actress up until 2013 when Fabletics hit the ground running, but because she believed in the product and the brand brought customers in through big data and technology, it’s been a dynamic brand. It’s not just been about quality and affordability but actually giving customers a shopping experience they love. Now jumping on board the celebrities who are all in on Fabletics is pop singer Demi Lovato. If you want to see how Fabletics can fit you, you should head to and take the lifestyle quiz to get started finding your outfit.

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