Moving Forward into the Future

Wireless technology has increased in its potential over the decade it has been available for use, Its origins were peaked with lower than expected ratings, and connections were fairly awful. Not that the bugs have been generally resolved there is nearly not a single person who does not enjoy the benefits of WiFi or cellular networks that act in a very similar fashion. With all of this freedom to communicate there is no wonder that some individuals within the system would choose to take advantage of what they have and use it for less than savory purposes. In order to try and fight against this blatant breaking of the law, information technology corporation Securus Technologies is currently working on developing a system that can stop and disable all forms of unauthorized and risky connections.


The name of the project Securus is working on is called the wireless containment network and is being developed as a means to meet the rising dangers of contraband used in the United States prison system. Inmates are allowed, within reason, to use and operate mobile devices such as tablets as a reward for good behavior. These devices can be used to then connect to either a network or WiFi connection and can be used by inmates as a resource to enrich their lives. While this could lead to inmates bettering themselves, it could also eventually lead to them, extending their conviction time, as many choose to use the connection to smuggle contraband in the prison or jail.


The wireless containment system acts as a virtual shield that protects its effected location, with all wireless signals filtering through it for review. The operator of the system can identify where a signal is coming from or going to and has the ability to either allow the connection or canceling it before it can make one. The operator also has the ability to permanently ban the device used for the signal, rendering it useless for future use. The latter feature would work wonders in a jail or prison, where dummy cell phones are brought in on a nearly weekly basis, and used for actions such as drug deals and arranged murders.


It is unknown when the wireless containment system will be completed and ready for use, Securus Technologies is currently doing their best to get the system passed the testing stage and into working order. The company itself is well known for its services and products, and this one will not be an exception to greatness. The time it takes to install the system and train operators to use it will be minimal compared to the good it will be able to do.


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