Why Entrepreneur Ara Chackerian Is Dedicated To Helping People Around The World

There are four things that Ara Chackerian is all about professionally. The first is helping other healthcare entrepreneurs like himself out as an angel investor. When he gives money this way it is not so much to make money but to instead potentially make a positive difference in the world. Secondly, he founds his own healthcare companies, like TMS Health Solutions of San Francisco. Third, he deeply cares about the environment and protecting it as much as possible. Fourth, he is a dedicated philanthropist who wants to support disadvantaged people across the world.

As for this fourth point, Ara Chackerian said that he thinks the “great man theory” is nonsense. Many Western people believe in this theory which is that there are people who are self-made and pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and other fairy tales. This is why he is driven to help people in part. As he acknowledges this really is nonsense. There are a lot of people in the world who have the potential to do really great things but they were either born into or found themselves in circumstances really outside of their control where this just wasn’t meant to be. As a worldly traveler, he says that success in life really is impossible in the third world where just surviving is the goal, let alone thriving. This extends across all of humanity.

As for advancements in the American healthcare industry, Ara Chackerian says he is closely following digital healthcare as a trend. There are apps out and apps planned which will help to bring far more value to the field of healthcare, he says. Some of these are telemedicine as well as other digital assistant apps. One example he used in a recent interview was in regards to someone who has depression. They can install an app which detects changes in their speech such as the patterns and pacing they use. He says that programmers and therapists have teamed up to develop algorithms which can pick up on these verbal changes which alerts depressive people they are entering a depression phase. This helps them and their providers explore the reason why and figure out how to help them feel better. You can follow their Facebook page.

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