The Humanitarian Enterprenuer:Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian served as an Executive Vice President of Research and Development of Health and Diagnostics LLC. He spent partly his career in leadership positions of the health companies. Founder, President and CEO of BMC Diagnostics and guided through its acquisition by Health diagnostics in 2007. He held various senior leadership positions in PSS/World Medical besides being an angel investor in early-stage healthcare companies. He served as an Executive Chairman and director of Pipeline Health Holdings. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business Management from Florida State University.


According to thenewsversion, TMS Health Solutions, a treatment provider of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for those with treatment-resistant depression was co-founded by Ara Chackerian. He and his partner decided to look at the outpatient psychiatry space, particularly, a new device-based treatment for depression called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. They realized later in the research that TMS had the potential to become a pillar of psychiatric care. Their vision was to design a care delivery model that enabled the patient and psychiatrist to achieve the desired outcome in terms of experience and treatment. Check out



In his own words, Chackerian says that ideas come from life experiences. Brought up in an environment that encouraged thinking hard about life, he found it really easy to put his ideas to use. He follows closely digital healthcare, which has healthcare apps that have assisted to bring tremendous value of the healthcare system. He advises the youth to seek counsel and knowledge from the right partners, listening to different opinions and urges the importance of recognizing how emotions can influence making difficult decisions. For more details visit



During mental health month, Chakerian shared important issues to address mental health issues. Assisting those with mental crisis through professional care. He encouraged people with mental disorders to make others aware of their condition. However, he discouraged the use of certain languages and sayings that diminish those suffering from mental health issues. Living and maintaining a well-balanced life can impact the development of one’s mental health in a positive way. Finally, get to learn and explore the mental issues affecting people and how to help them recover.



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Rocketship Education is Ready to Spread Their Success into Districts Across the Nation

Rocketship Public Schools believes all children deserve the right to develop skills to their full potential. It strives to encourage their students to discover new possibilities and to dream of things that could change. Through the collaboration of exceptional educators, parents, and partners they provide a high-quality public school education.

Many across the nation are seeking Rocketship’s educational design. Charlie Bufaline, Rocketship’s manager of policy and growth, states many large urban cities have requested them to build schools in their cities. These requests include Kaya Henderson, Superintendent of DC Public Schools, and Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City who have both stated they would welcome this charter school into their districts.

Rocketship’s unique use of tech breaks down the traditional school model. They do not impose the bell-schedule on students and have re-structured the role of teachers. Space is defined differently than conventional schools and kids are grouped in different manners. Their independent and newly structured system is working. Rocketship has outscored state and district testing in low-income populations consistently over the past eight years.

They are planning an expansion into six different cities with forty new schools. This expansion will present a tough challenge to Rocketship as they face anti-charter groups, land battles, lower test scores and those who do not understand the use of tech in schools. Many consider this new educational design of blended learning as a test for education technology.

A new school was opened in Wisconsin this year, which took three years to finish. During 2018 it planned to open an additional seven more schools in the city. Nashville will be the next city to open Rocketship Public Schools followed by Indianapolis, Washington DC, New Orleans and Memphis. Each of the districts will receive eight Rocketship Schools.

Communities both love and hate the concept of Rocketship education. It is hard to accept a new idea of education where students rotate out of classrooms into learning labs filled with computers. Computers teach students reading and math skills with adaptive software programs. As more schools are created, and more students gain improved skills, the communities are sure to embrace them more readily.

This introduction of Rocketship Schools into new districts will be monitored closely by both pro and anti-charter school communities. They are prepared and ready for the legendary battles all charter schools face as part of new growth. Rocketship is prepared to step out of its Silicon Valley home-base and spread their success with other school districts.

Learn More About Eye Health at Sightsavers

Some studies have shown that a diet rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A is effective in reducing the danger of muscular deterioration. Remember, it is more difficult to repair damage than to slow down the degeneration. In any case, you should also be aware that you should not abuse dietary supplements.

Therefore, it is better to balance your diet than to use supplements which are not without side effects and are not always well tolerated. Remember, Omega-3 also helps to maintain the health of your retina. Furthermore, polyunsaturated fatty acids are known for their benefits on the cardiovascular system and are one of the significant components of cell membranes and nerve cells. Also, nerve cells and cell membranes compose the majority of your retina.

Remember, we spend an average of half a dozen hours a day in front of a screen and vision problems are developing exponentially. While it is often impossible to correct vision problems without lenses, there are a few simple ways to improve your vision and eye health on your own. Carotenoids in carrots (which give it its distinctive color) also help prevent cataracts, prevent cancer, and reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Also, visit Sightsavers to learn more.


Doe Deere and Lime Crime Fame

Doe Deere was born in Russia but raised in New York City. She is the current CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Doe explains beauty as “what feels right at the moment” and with that in her heart, she developed and launched Lime Crime in 2008. Lime Crime is a line of cruelty free cosmetics that is both colorful and magical.


Currently Lime Crime has an international following, and if you are at all involved in Instagram, you have probably seen ads and promotions for it on your feed. Doe has definitely gained a cult like status for her makeup brand in the last ten years.


Lime Crime is a unique brand that no one else has provided to the public. It is also 100% vegan and 100% animal cruelty free, making it a huge success in recent markets where those things lend themselves to top priority for many buyers.


Doe is a big supporter of the entrepreneurial spirit as well as other women owned businesses because that is where she started off herself. The name of her business is even a very personal thing, coming from her favorite color and her dream of makeup so vivid, bright, and colorful that it might be a crime to wear them. She loves to mentor young business women and even offers some insight into her own mistakes as a entrepreneur. Her biggest piece of advice though is to always remember where you came from and to always get back up and continue fighting.


Another piece of advice she is willing to offer to young women specifically looking to start their own beauty businesses like Lime Crime is that they should look for gaps in the market. Beyond even that though, she suggests to always listen to your inner voice and your gut feelings, and above all else, go out, try your best, and make it happen.


Doe Deere herself did just that. She originally realized there was a gap in the market when she was modeling clothes for a sewing/fashion line of hers. Bright colors were a necessity for her fashion style, and she realized that unusual and colorful makeup was hard to come by. Four years later she launched Lime Crime to fill that gap.


Ten years later, her life is just as interesting and fun filled. Even though she’s a CEO of a giant company now, there is nothing dull about her day to day life. On any given day she could be working on new products, focusing on marketing, focusing on social media, or brainstorming new ideas with her CCO.


Just like her day to day life, there is never a dull color in any of her palettes. Each palette is made to tell a certain story and though most generally have a couple neutral shades for every day use, they all are just as colorful, bold, and fun as Doe Deere herself is. Her makeup is made to project confidence and boldness. Women are not wallflowers.


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