Madison Street Capital’s Expertise in Financial Advisory Services

The Madison Street Capital (MSC) is a globally renowned firm in the investment banking industry that specializes in the financial advisory to companies in both the public and private sectors. According to Pr.Com, one of its recent transaction engagements was the credit facilitation for the Napoleon Machine Company that was provided by the Sterling Commercial Credit Firm. Napoleon Machine is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization that was established in 2010. The company’s core business is in the area of manufacturing services, which include painting, light machine assembly, metal fabrication, and precision machining among many other services.


The business deal was reported by the CEO of MSC known as Charles Botchway where the transaction was spearheaded by Barry Petersen, Senior Managing Director and Steven Richards, the VP Capital Markets. Further, as negotiated by the Madison Street Capital Firm, the transaction deal given to Napoleon Machine included the loan facility together with a follow-on-tranche plan. Again, with the transaction completed, Napoleon is set to benefit from the credit facility through expansion of its manufacturing business that will enhance its operations while satisfying the customer needs.


Further, Kevin Febrey who is Napoleon Machine’s president was very pleased with the outcome and thankful to the MSC team. He said that the team from MSC were helpful as the listened and understood their story besides implementing the process as planned. Kevin Febrey also pointed out that with the creative solution offered by the company would see Napoleon Machine skyrocket its growth than it was previously able to perform. He added that they looked forward to conducting more business with the Madison Street Capital in their future endeavors.


Madison Street Capital’s Business Operations


Madison Street Capital is an international firm that is located in Chicago, Illinois. Apart from financial advisory to companies, the organization also provides other services that include merger and acquisition, valuation, and financial opinions among many others. The services that MSC delivers are especially crucial when companies are undergoing expansion as they help in positioning them strategically in the international markets. Equally important, MSC not only helps the organizations realize their potential but also incorporates their goals and objectives as their own to better serve its clients. Besides, Madison Street capital has been in the business for 13 years where over the years it has grown exponentially to be the leading company in its sector in the United States and globally.


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All About Guilherme Paulus

This is after the cameras had stopped rolling, the production moved into the B3 recording studio where they had for an enthusiastic chat held between them and Guilherme Paulus. This is because the man was present ready to be interviewed regarding the foreign currency program that was aired on Television Dinheiro and he was able to describe his business trajectory.

The man, Guilherme Paulus, started from a scratch and he is an icon because he managed to come up with an empire for the tourist where he boosted CVC operator.

This is upon learning that some of the scholarship’s audio and video members of the team were heading for vacation, he decided to hand over to the present people his business cards and he said that he was to appoint an agency so that to sell that package.


This act, however, shared the common story mostly about the managed 68 years old and also a businessman. After he divested apart of the CVC for R $750 million, he transferred the airline Webjet to Gol to become R $70 million. He is currently holding the board chair in the tourism operation. He has continued to bloom and as like to say it, he is selling dreams. Guilherme Paulus says that carries his work on because its something that he enjoys where he creates and generates job and that makes Brazil keep growing.

In sometimes back, he invested R $600 million in hospitality that is with the GJP Hotel & Resorts that he founded. This GJP group is a network that has over 20 hotels that are spread across Brazilian 11 estates. Guilherme became elected as the year’s entrepreneur in money service during the even, where he said that hospitality is the art of serving customers and it clearly indicates that he is in love with what he does.

Guilherme Paulus GJP network organization has four flags and in the latest data, it indicated 92,000 guests. It is a network that has employed more than 1.9 thousand people having an investment ranging R $80 million. Guilherme Paulus talks with much tranquility saying that he doesn’t view his rivals in hotel networks as something competitive

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