Igor Cornelsen: Relying on Facts

Igor Cornelsen is a highly revered member of the investment consulting community with an origin from Brazil. His career in investment banking began right after earning his degree in economics from the Federal University of Parana. Due to his excellent work ethics, integrity and leadership, Igor Cornelsen soon found himself in Rio being rapidly promoted to the Multibancos board of directors and soon after that to the position of Chief executive of that same bank two years later.

Igor would soon find himself moving to other banking institutes after the acquisition of Multibancos by Bank Of America. Although Igor stay on for much of the 70’s, he would take his expertise elsewhere. Soon after an offer from Libra Bank PLC, London was made to him and therefore created a new path in his career because for the first time in his life he would be paid in U.S dollars. Being paid in U.S dollars meant that his opportunities in the market had opened, not he could explore new avenues of investment previously not opened to him.

So, what has made Igor so successful? A recent sit-down interview with Igor has allowed us to delve deeper into his mindset and what has made him so successful in the world of investment banking. In this interview, Igor comments that often too many people go on assumptions and estimates, for himself, however, he states that he always wants the facts and not opinions. In addition, Igor explains to us that it’s very important to him not to be influenced by the “data” and words of professors and consultants for they only seek to make assumptions. Today, Igor Cornelsen although happily retired, continues to inspire and contribute to the world of investment banking through his constant advice aim at those up and coming investors.

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