Todd reveals that the idea for TDL Global Ventures came from working in the finance and credit space and he decided to help others fulfill their goals. He came up with a way that would eliminate the barriers that hindered people from receiving the necessary loans that they needed and that was only possible if he came up with a product and program for the individuals who aspire to be entrepreneurs that would give them the relief that they wanted.

A typical day according to Todd Lubar starts with a cup of coffee and breakfast with his kids then he puts his industry into prioritization thus making him come up with ways of making the day productive. For one to bring ideas to life, you should have the will to make them fruitful. Associating yourself with useful people that will help you make the idea come to life or add you other useful ideas is also very useful.

On Patreon Todd Lubar said that he is fascinated by the upcoming technology such as remote home functioning, especially at homes. He is impressed by the fact that he can control his a/c fans and lights in his home by using a remote. He has also boosted his security at home by having several security cameras that help him check on his home from time to time using his phone.

For one to be more productive as an entrepreneur, you should always keep yourself organized and learn new things in the aspect of business thus you will end up making informed decisions.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar; The President at TDL Global Ventures, LLC and the Senior Vice President to successful, famous investments. Todd is also a businessman and an entrepreneur who has an experience of over twenty years in the real estate industry. He has helped many individuals to fulfill their dreams in the industry. Mr. Lubar has been ranked in the top twenty-five mortgage originators for numerous years.

He has also worked in some industries such as the entertainment industry and the mortgage banking industry. Todd Lubar strives to serve the community, and he uses his broad knowledge and vast experience to help others rise to success. Todd Lubar started his career in the Real Estate industry in the year 1995.He started as a loan originator with Crestar Mortgage Corporation.This is where he made himself familiar with conservative mortgage banking. Todd mostly spent his time in creating relationships with Real Estate agents and much more that could form a strong base of a source of referral to the business that he would later establish. View Todd’s full profile on


Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne is Successful with Advertising

One thing that PodcastOne has always done is offer advertisement opportunities for people to be able to learn about the products that they need. Norman Pattiz has come up with a nearly perfect algorithm for offering advertisements and he makes sure that the right audience is targeted for all of the ads that his app is going to offer to people. Because of the way that Norman Pattiz has designed this and because of the options that he has included with PodcastOne, he has been able to show people that they can get more out of the options that they have and that they will have the advertisements that make the most sense to them.


In a recent interview, he shared the results that come from the advertisements. They are working and that is something that he was trying hard for. He wanted to be able to show people that they could get more out of the options that they had and that they would be able to try new things based on the advertisements that were listed on the app while they were listening to podcasts. It was something that showed the company was successful with everything that they had to offer their clients.


As Norman Pattiz started the company, he knew that he wanted so much more than a basic podcast company. He wanted PodcastOne to be something that people would be able to enjoy so that they would be able to get more out of the options that they had. He also knew that trying new things would be worth the risk. It paid off and the new methods of advertising were successful no matter what the audience was. He made sure that those ads converted to clicks and those clicks were able to convert into sales for all of the people who were enjoying them.


As PodcastOne has grown, they have attracted new businesses that want to advertise. They have also attracted more clients who want to listen to the podcasts. This is what has helped to grow the company. The new clients are able to get more out of the experiences that they have since they have been working on different things in their own opportunities. There are many different options that people have when they are looking at different ads and when they are listening to many different types of podcasts through the PodcastOne app.


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