3 Pillars of Financial Planning According To Richard Blair

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has been helping families, individuals and small business owners grow, protect and manage their wealth for over 20 years.


Growing up in a family full of teachers Blair quickly realized just how powerful education could be. In 1994 he decided to start Wealth Solutions with the goal of helping as many people as he could by educating them and showing them how to invest their money wisely.


Needless to say his mission has been a success. Since opening Wealth Solutions he has helped thousands of families, individuals and small business owners in the Austin area secure a better future by making smart investments.


Here are the 3 pillars of financial planning that Richard Blair takes all of his clients through.


Pillar #1 – Laying Out The Financial Roadmap


The first pillar is all about helping clients identify their goals, strengths and risk tolerance. By identifying these three key areas its a lot easier to find growth opportunities that are in line with what the client is trying to accomplish.


Pillar #2 – Develop a Long Term Strategy


The second pillar is all about creating a strategy that will help you meet your investment needs both now and in the future. The best way to do this is by creating a long term investment strategy.


When helping his clients develop a long term strategy, Blair takes a very hands on approach.


Instead of offering each client the same generic strategy like most big companies do, Richard creates one based on each clients individual needs. And to ensure all of his clients get the maximum performance from their portfolio’s Richard will also reallocate and manages assets when necessary.


Pillar #3 – Make Sure All Insurance Needs Are Met


Insurance is something that most families often forget about. They think its something they can put off until they are older.


This however couldn’t be further from the truth. Having adequate insurance is one of the most important aspects of financial planning.


Richard makes sure all of his clients have plenty of insurance to meet all of their needs now as well as in the future.


More About Richard Blair


Today Richard Blair’s firm is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds. He his helping more and more people every year get on the path to financial freedom.


To learn more about Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions visit http://www.wealthsolutionsria.com.