Shaquille O’Neal Partners with Boraie Development to Improve the Lesser Parts of New Jersey

Fitness is one of the major leisure activities that modern families are getting involved almost on a daily basis. Nobody wants to be obese or accumulate much weight to the extent of being vulnerable to various lifestyle diseases. However, it is difficult to get a residential facility where you have a fitness center and also enjoy other services such as parking and shopping facilities. The Aspire Apartment, New Brunswick, New Jersey, is a modern residential facility that has everything that you need.

The new residential facility has more than 253 residential units, which will provide families with a place to call home for many years. However, to meet the increasing demand of fitness center, the Aspire has a special and state of the art fitness center that doubles as a yoga space. Everything that you may need to keep your body fit has been installed in the fitness center and all you need is to enjoy yourself in the new facility.

Boraie Development is the real estate company behind this magnificent project that has taken the visitors by surprise. Boraie development is a dedicated real estate company that is involved in the marketing of real estate properties in urban areas. In addition, the company has created a niche in the property management industry where it is scaling the heights. Recently, Boraie development announced a partnership that will see Newark city change from an ordinary city to one of the major cities in new Jersey.

Boraie Development has formed a partnership with former basketball player, Shaquille O’Neal, who has his dreams of making Newark city beautiful. Shaquille O’Neal grew in Newark and has become one of the most prominent investors in the country, and therefore, giving back to the community where he spent his young hood is something he does with much affection. He is the one who reached out to Boraie development with the aim of forming a partnership that would help the commoners.

Initially, the partnership between Boraie Development and Shaquille O’Neal started with the aim of rehabilitating various parts of the city. However, the partnership has since grown and the two partners are involved in series of projects that are expected to change the entire state of lesser parts of New Jersey. There are many huge projects on the pipeline, which are expected to be launched soon. The first project involved the construction of Shaq Tower, which came after Boraie had launched the Aspire apartment.

Robert Deignan- the founder of ATS Digital Services

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Robert Deignan has worked in the tech industry for the past two decades. He has acquired sufficient experience from other organizations he worked with before creating ATS Digital. He has transformed how business is done to the extent that others are taking customer service in the tech industry with the seriousness it deserves.