Rocketship Education is Ready to Spread Their Success into Districts Across the Nation

Rocketship Public Schools believes all children deserve the right to develop skills to their full potential. It strives to encourage their students to discover new possibilities and to dream of things that could change. Through the collaboration of exceptional educators, parents, and partners they provide a high-quality public school education.

Many across the nation are seeking Rocketship’s educational design. Charlie Bufaline, Rocketship’s manager of policy and growth, states many large urban cities have requested them to build schools in their cities. These requests include Kaya Henderson, Superintendent of DC Public Schools, and Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City who have both stated they would welcome this charter school into their districts.

Rocketship’s unique use of tech breaks down the traditional school model. They do not impose the bell-schedule on students and have re-structured the role of teachers. Space is defined differently than conventional schools and kids are grouped in different manners. Their independent and newly structured system is working. Rocketship has outscored state and district testing in low-income populations consistently over the past eight years.

They are planning an expansion into six different cities with forty new schools. This expansion will present a tough challenge to Rocketship as they face anti-charter groups, land battles, lower test scores and those who do not understand the use of tech in schools. Many consider this new educational design of blended learning as a test for education technology.

A new school was opened in Wisconsin this year, which took three years to finish. During 2018 it planned to open an additional seven more schools in the city. Nashville will be the next city to open Rocketship Public Schools followed by Indianapolis, Washington DC, New Orleans and Memphis. Each of the districts will receive eight Rocketship Schools.

Communities both love and hate the concept of Rocketship education. It is hard to accept a new idea of education where students rotate out of classrooms into learning labs filled with computers. Computers teach students reading and math skills with adaptive software programs. As more schools are created, and more students gain improved skills, the communities are sure to embrace them more readily.

This introduction of Rocketship Schools into new districts will be monitored closely by both pro and anti-charter school communities. They are prepared and ready for the legendary battles all charter schools face as part of new growth. Rocketship is prepared to step out of its Silicon Valley home-base and spread their success with other school districts.