Jeunesse Global Tries to Make You Look and Feel Better

Jeunesse Global wants to do its part to assist on your path to looking and feeling young. The company produced a multitude of products intended for the health conscious. The search for becoming “ageless” means effort. The quest requires following a map displaying steps for living and eating healthier. Jeunesse Global released a host of supplements and other products to potentially support the cause. A brief look at a few product offerings tells a story about how the company lends a hand. Health shares a connection with youthfulness. People wish to retain or recapture their youth by presenting healthy skin. Jeunesse Global delivers a skin care strategy under the luminesce anti-aging skin care line.” Fine lines and wrinkles could meet their match in the form of the topical products available in this line. Skin care products do some good on the outside. What does Jeunesse offer for the inside? The company provides a host of different items. For nutritional support, the Reserve drink delivers something out of the ordinary. Consider this an extra-special fruit drink. As a source of antioxidants, Reserve impresses. Never overlook a source of nutrients. AM & PM Essentials both provide the body with the nutrients necessary to support optimal performance. The ingredients found in the two supplements are uniquely designed to work in the morning and in the evening. Vitamins A, B6, C, and D are found in AM Essentials. Other ingredients include niacin, riboflavin, and more. Starting the day right isn’t always easy. Rushing around as the sun rises leads to missing out on important meals. Junk food further makes it harder to get the right nutrients. The AM offering creates a vehicle for procuring those nutrients. That’s not all. PM Essentials delivers nutrients designed to support the body when evening and sleep come. The two make an intriguing combination. Acquiring the daily serving of fruit and vegetables seems as difficult as climbing the highest mountain peak. Ordering Finiti from Jeunesse Global won’t be so tough. Finiti comes packed with vegetable and fruit ingredients. Load up on those nutrients through the capsules.

The Chainsmokers Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart Mix Their Music Up On Latest Releases

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart were just like you and I before becoming a top selling duo known by the name of the Chainsmokers. The band mates had carried on regular full time jobs and went to school before they formed the band. The love of music is what the duo shared in common and it was this love that helped them become the top selling artists that they are today.

Not all bands and performers are lucky enough to reach the top of the music charts in a quick time. For many, they will have to work extra hard and release single after single before being recognized. For the Chainsmokers, this was not the case. It might be because they had spent time in the clubs and people knew them from there or it could be that they just understood what fans wanted and were quick to give it to them. Either way, the duo acted like they had a quick rise to the top.

From the moment the duo stepped out on stage and started to perform, they quickly realized what they needed to do in order to keep fans entertained. They knew what type of beat to use, the lighting and mixture of beats and so on. When it came to their latest works however, it was not like anything that the duo had already put out on the radio. The duo had changed the way that their music had been delivered. The changes to the music were done to allow fans to get a better understanding of what the duo lives through. It allowed for the fans to be able to experience first hand through music what their lives entail day after day. This intimate setting helped them to keep fans entertained and to bring in more fans than they had brought in once before.

With the latest album setting records, big names have opened for them on tour. From great acts performing live on stage to great artists joining them on vocals with their newest singles, the music that Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are making will be sure to keep you on your toes.

CP+B leadership transition

CP+B is an advertising company that encourages you to be your best as an entrepreneur. They have recently contracted with American Airlines and are very exited to be a part of their success. Lori Senecal has been a great leader by inspiring those around her to rise to the challenges ahead. It was during her time at CP+B that she was able to help contract with this great company. Also while she has been there she has lead the company to be recognized among the creative innovators of the year. At the end of 2017, she announced she was going to retire and pass her leadership down to another bright person. In every position she has worked, she has lead the company to bigger and greater accomplishments. She has done many great things for CP+B, as well as, her previous employers at KBS, McCann Erickson, and McCann Worldgroup. Check out huffingtonpost for more.


Being a top agent at an advertising company is an admirable accomplishment. Lori Senecal has done just that. Not only has she been included in top agent lists such as the Advertising Age’s list of standout agencies and Advertising Age’s women to watch. Fast Company has even honored her as a revolutionizing leader. She has used her creativity and innovation to boost her company up as well. Lori’s career has been about teamwork and inspiring others to be their best. Even in an interview she has not taken all the credit for herself. She has attributed much of her success to the motivations and positivity of others. She explains that everyday she tries to start fresh with exercise so that it keeps her mind fresh and ready for the day. When asked about current trends that motivate her she said she loves the phrase, “actions speak louder than words”. She explains that it has never been more true than it is today with our current times. All in all, Lori Senecal is an accomplished business woman and has done great works in her time as advertising agent and CEO.



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Madison Street Capital’s Expertise in Financial Advisory Services

The Madison Street Capital (MSC) is a globally renowned firm in the investment banking industry that specializes in the financial advisory to companies in both the public and private sectors. According to Pr.Com, one of its recent transaction engagements was the credit facilitation for the Napoleon Machine Company that was provided by the Sterling Commercial Credit Firm. Napoleon Machine is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization that was established in 2010. The company’s core business is in the area of manufacturing services, which include painting, light machine assembly, metal fabrication, and precision machining among many other services.


The business deal was reported by the CEO of MSC known as Charles Botchway where the transaction was spearheaded by Barry Petersen, Senior Managing Director and Steven Richards, the VP Capital Markets. Further, as negotiated by the Madison Street Capital Firm, the transaction deal given to Napoleon Machine included the loan facility together with a follow-on-tranche plan. Again, with the transaction completed, Napoleon is set to benefit from the credit facility through expansion of its manufacturing business that will enhance its operations while satisfying the customer needs.


Further, Kevin Febrey who is Napoleon Machine’s president was very pleased with the outcome and thankful to the MSC team. He said that the team from MSC were helpful as the listened and understood their story besides implementing the process as planned. Kevin Febrey also pointed out that with the creative solution offered by the company would see Napoleon Machine skyrocket its growth than it was previously able to perform. He added that they looked forward to conducting more business with the Madison Street Capital in their future endeavors.


Madison Street Capital’s Business Operations


Madison Street Capital is an international firm that is located in Chicago, Illinois. Apart from financial advisory to companies, the organization also provides other services that include merger and acquisition, valuation, and financial opinions among many others. The services that MSC delivers are especially crucial when companies are undergoing expansion as they help in positioning them strategically in the international markets. Equally important, MSC not only helps the organizations realize their potential but also incorporates their goals and objectives as their own to better serve its clients. Besides, Madison Street capital has been in the business for 13 years where over the years it has grown exponentially to be the leading company in its sector in the United States and globally.


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All About Guilherme Paulus

This is after the cameras had stopped rolling, the production moved into the B3 recording studio where they had for an enthusiastic chat held between them and Guilherme Paulus. This is because the man was present ready to be interviewed regarding the foreign currency program that was aired on Television Dinheiro and he was able to describe his business trajectory.

The man, Guilherme Paulus, started from a scratch and he is an icon because he managed to come up with an empire for the tourist where he boosted CVC operator.

This is upon learning that some of the scholarship’s audio and video members of the team were heading for vacation, he decided to hand over to the present people his business cards and he said that he was to appoint an agency so that to sell that package.


This act, however, shared the common story mostly about the managed 68 years old and also a businessman. After he divested apart of the CVC for R $750 million, he transferred the airline Webjet to Gol to become R $70 million. He is currently holding the board chair in the tourism operation. He has continued to bloom and as like to say it, he is selling dreams. Guilherme Paulus says that carries his work on because its something that he enjoys where he creates and generates job and that makes Brazil keep growing.

In sometimes back, he invested R $600 million in hospitality that is with the GJP Hotel & Resorts that he founded. This GJP group is a network that has over 20 hotels that are spread across Brazilian 11 estates. Guilherme became elected as the year’s entrepreneur in money service during the even, where he said that hospitality is the art of serving customers and it clearly indicates that he is in love with what he does.

Guilherme Paulus GJP network organization has four flags and in the latest data, it indicated 92,000 guests. It is a network that has employed more than 1.9 thousand people having an investment ranging R $80 million. Guilherme Paulus talks with much tranquility saying that he doesn’t view his rivals in hotel networks as something competitive

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Get Superior Pure Gold With Organo

Who Is Organo Gold

Most people that gets gold coins and bullion get them from the United States Mint. They offer gold coins and other currency, but the popular Organo Gold Group has quickly made a name for themselves. They offer 100 percent gold coins, bullion, platinum, and other precious metals. Enjoy many different mints including 10 and 24 karat gold. They’re committed to going by the industry’s highest precious metal standards. You can become a part of the popular Organo Gold family by learning more about their inventory today. Get the gold coins you need for your portfolio today. Read the reviews at

How To Make A Gold Purchase Online

You should always be aware of online gold distributors. More importantly, no one wants to waste their time and money on online purchases. Buying gold online should be done with a reputable online distributor with clear credentials including a physical address, phone number, and license. They should have a great relationship with the community with a list of their completed gold sells or trades. Visit the popular Organo website to learn more about superior online gold purchases today. Their gold is preferred over other networks, 10 to 1.



Can Organo Gold Act As Currency

Organo Gold provides the finest art encrusted in the industry’s top precious metals. Don’t be fooled by imitators that don’t carry a seal of authencity. You can check with the top online review websites to see what others are saying about their gold at Organo Gold. You should only purchase online gold from a website that is willing to encrypt your financial information. They have served thousands of customers in the gold industry and have helped them improve their portfolio to include quality gold. Their gold at Organo allows you to invest in your future retirement too. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

The Humanitarian Enterprenuer:Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian served as an Executive Vice President of Research and Development of Health and Diagnostics LLC. He spent partly his career in leadership positions of the health companies. Founder, President and CEO of BMC Diagnostics and guided through its acquisition by Health diagnostics in 2007. He held various senior leadership positions in PSS/World Medical besides being an angel investor in early-stage healthcare companies. He served as an Executive Chairman and director of Pipeline Health Holdings. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business Management from Florida State University.


According to thenewsversion, TMS Health Solutions, a treatment provider of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for those with treatment-resistant depression was co-founded by Ara Chackerian. He and his partner decided to look at the outpatient psychiatry space, particularly, a new device-based treatment for depression called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. They realized later in the research that TMS had the potential to become a pillar of psychiatric care. Their vision was to design a care delivery model that enabled the patient and psychiatrist to achieve the desired outcome in terms of experience and treatment. Check out



In his own words, Chackerian says that ideas come from life experiences. Brought up in an environment that encouraged thinking hard about life, he found it really easy to put his ideas to use. He follows closely digital healthcare, which has healthcare apps that have assisted to bring tremendous value of the healthcare system. He advises the youth to seek counsel and knowledge from the right partners, listening to different opinions and urges the importance of recognizing how emotions can influence making difficult decisions. For more details visit



During mental health month, Chakerian shared important issues to address mental health issues. Assisting those with mental crisis through professional care. He encouraged people with mental disorders to make others aware of their condition. However, he discouraged the use of certain languages and sayings that diminish those suffering from mental health issues. Living and maintaining a well-balanced life can impact the development of one’s mental health in a positive way. Finally, get to learn and explore the mental issues affecting people and how to help them recover.



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Rocketship Education is Ready to Spread Their Success into Districts Across the Nation

Rocketship Public Schools believes all children deserve the right to develop skills to their full potential. It strives to encourage their students to discover new possibilities and to dream of things that could change. Through the collaboration of exceptional educators, parents, and partners they provide a high-quality public school education.

Many across the nation are seeking Rocketship’s educational design. Charlie Bufaline, Rocketship’s manager of policy and growth, states many large urban cities have requested them to build schools in their cities. These requests include Kaya Henderson, Superintendent of DC Public Schools, and Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City who have both stated they would welcome this charter school into their districts.

Rocketship’s unique use of tech breaks down the traditional school model. They do not impose the bell-schedule on students and have re-structured the role of teachers. Space is defined differently than conventional schools and kids are grouped in different manners. Their independent and newly structured system is working. Rocketship has outscored state and district testing in low-income populations consistently over the past eight years.

They are planning an expansion into six different cities with forty new schools. This expansion will present a tough challenge to Rocketship as they face anti-charter groups, land battles, lower test scores and those who do not understand the use of tech in schools. Many consider this new educational design of blended learning as a test for education technology.

A new school was opened in Wisconsin this year, which took three years to finish. During 2018 it planned to open an additional seven more schools in the city. Nashville will be the next city to open Rocketship Public Schools followed by Indianapolis, Washington DC, New Orleans and Memphis. Each of the districts will receive eight Rocketship Schools.

Communities both love and hate the concept of Rocketship education. It is hard to accept a new idea of education where students rotate out of classrooms into learning labs filled with computers. Computers teach students reading and math skills with adaptive software programs. As more schools are created, and more students gain improved skills, the communities are sure to embrace them more readily.

This introduction of Rocketship Schools into new districts will be monitored closely by both pro and anti-charter school communities. They are prepared and ready for the legendary battles all charter schools face as part of new growth. Rocketship is prepared to step out of its Silicon Valley home-base and spread their success with other school districts.

Learn More About Eye Health at Sightsavers

Some studies have shown that a diet rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A is effective in reducing the danger of muscular deterioration. Remember, it is more difficult to repair damage than to slow down the degeneration. In any case, you should also be aware that you should not abuse dietary supplements.

Therefore, it is better to balance your diet than to use supplements which are not without side effects and are not always well tolerated. Remember, Omega-3 also helps to maintain the health of your retina. Furthermore, polyunsaturated fatty acids are known for their benefits on the cardiovascular system and are one of the significant components of cell membranes and nerve cells. Also, nerve cells and cell membranes compose the majority of your retina.

Remember, we spend an average of half a dozen hours a day in front of a screen and vision problems are developing exponentially. While it is often impossible to correct vision problems without lenses, there are a few simple ways to improve your vision and eye health on your own. Carotenoids in carrots (which give it its distinctive color) also help prevent cataracts, prevent cancer, and reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Also, visit Sightsavers to learn more.


Doe Deere and Lime Crime Fame

Doe Deere was born in Russia but raised in New York City. She is the current CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Doe explains beauty as “what feels right at the moment” and with that in her heart, she developed and launched Lime Crime in 2008. Lime Crime is a line of cruelty free cosmetics that is both colorful and magical.


Currently Lime Crime has an international following, and if you are at all involved in Instagram, you have probably seen ads and promotions for it on your feed. Doe has definitely gained a cult like status for her makeup brand in the last ten years.


Lime Crime is a unique brand that no one else has provided to the public. It is also 100% vegan and 100% animal cruelty free, making it a huge success in recent markets where those things lend themselves to top priority for many buyers.


Doe is a big supporter of the entrepreneurial spirit as well as other women owned businesses because that is where she started off herself. The name of her business is even a very personal thing, coming from her favorite color and her dream of makeup so vivid, bright, and colorful that it might be a crime to wear them. She loves to mentor young business women and even offers some insight into her own mistakes as a entrepreneur. Her biggest piece of advice though is to always remember where you came from and to always get back up and continue fighting.


Another piece of advice she is willing to offer to young women specifically looking to start their own beauty businesses like Lime Crime is that they should look for gaps in the market. Beyond even that though, she suggests to always listen to your inner voice and your gut feelings, and above all else, go out, try your best, and make it happen.


Doe Deere herself did just that. She originally realized there was a gap in the market when she was modeling clothes for a sewing/fashion line of hers. Bright colors were a necessity for her fashion style, and she realized that unusual and colorful makeup was hard to come by. Four years later she launched Lime Crime to fill that gap.


Ten years later, her life is just as interesting and fun filled. Even though she’s a CEO of a giant company now, there is nothing dull about her day to day life. On any given day she could be working on new products, focusing on marketing, focusing on social media, or brainstorming new ideas with her CCO.


Just like her day to day life, there is never a dull color in any of her palettes. Each palette is made to tell a certain story and though most generally have a couple neutral shades for every day use, they all are just as colorful, bold, and fun as Doe Deere herself is. Her makeup is made to project confidence and boldness. Women are not wallflowers.


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