Hussain Sajwani and Real Estate Objectives

Hussain Sajwani is a celebrated businessman who originates in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. He’s known by many people around the planet for his extraordinary wealth. He has billions of dollars to his name. He’s also known by many for his work with current United States President Donald Trump. Sajwani now has the desire to strengthen his business workings with the American leader as well. He wants to do more with the Trump Organization. The Trump Organization is the name of Trump’s widely known real estate company.


Sajwani and President Trump have a couple big things in common. They’re both famed moguls in the real estate scene all around the world. They know each other pretty well at this point, too. They welcomed the brand new year as a team. They’ve teamed up for a few notable efforts so far, too. The Trump International Golf Club is one. The golf club has been a major sensation so far. Its high-end villas have gotten the interest of many purchasers. Many people have even taken purchasing action.


President Trump has reassured the American public by telling everyone that he’ll stop completing new business transactions during his Presidency. Sajwani spoke with a media outlet that’s called NBC News. He told NBC news that his connections to Trump are not limited to the man himself. He revealed that he knows Trump’s children extremely well. These include Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka. He indicated that these three people know the ins and outs of Trump’s business and how it functions. They take hands-on approaches to it at all times. Hussain Sajwani is cheerful and believes that their guidance will be a helpful thing for his connection to the organization. The real estate specialist says that Trump’s kids work to safeguard the company in every way. Sajwani’s wife is one of Ivanka’s pals, too. They email each other on a routine basis. They even share meals together all of the time.


Sajwani is a smart individual. He’s the top professional at DAMAC Properties. He set the firm up independently. He now works for it as its patient and adept Chairman. Sajwani learned all about life as an entrepreneur when he was still an impressionable child. His father understood entrepreneurship well. He was in a control of a store that sold all different kinds of timepieces. The store sold shirts, pens and East Asian imports as well.


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3 Pillars of Financial Planning According To Richard Blair

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has been helping families, individuals and small business owners grow, protect and manage their wealth for over 20 years.


Growing up in a family full of teachers Blair quickly realized just how powerful education could be. In 1994 he decided to start Wealth Solutions with the goal of helping as many people as he could by educating them and showing them how to invest their money wisely.


Needless to say his mission has been a success. Since opening Wealth Solutions he has helped thousands of families, individuals and small business owners in the Austin area secure a better future by making smart investments.


Here are the 3 pillars of financial planning that Richard Blair takes all of his clients through.


Pillar #1 – Laying Out The Financial Roadmap


The first pillar is all about helping clients identify their goals, strengths and risk tolerance. By identifying these three key areas its a lot easier to find growth opportunities that are in line with what the client is trying to accomplish.


Pillar #2 – Develop a Long Term Strategy


The second pillar is all about creating a strategy that will help you meet your investment needs both now and in the future. The best way to do this is by creating a long term investment strategy.


When helping his clients develop a long term strategy, Blair takes a very hands on approach.


Instead of offering each client the same generic strategy like most big companies do, Richard creates one based on each clients individual needs. And to ensure all of his clients get the maximum performance from their portfolio’s Richard will also reallocate and manages assets when necessary.


Pillar #3 – Make Sure All Insurance Needs Are Met


Insurance is something that most families often forget about. They think its something they can put off until they are older.


This however couldn’t be further from the truth. Having adequate insurance is one of the most important aspects of financial planning.


Richard makes sure all of his clients have plenty of insurance to meet all of their needs now as well as in the future.


More About Richard Blair


Today Richard Blair’s firm is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds. He his helping more and more people every year get on the path to financial freedom.


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How One Could Say Kate Hudson’s Company Fabletics Is Taking On Amazon

When you hear about traditional fashion and lifestyle retail stores shuttering locations and seeing a decline in shopping malls, the first culprit that usually comes to mind is Amazon. It’s no surprise that with its cheaper prices and unique way of doing business, the e-commerce giant has become one of the biggest threats to brick and mortar companies. But one fashion brand that seems to be catching on to Amazon’s secrets is Fabletics, a woman’s athleisure brand owned by movie actress Kate Hudson. Fabletics came into existence from the hope that women of all ages and sizes could find sportswear that was both affordable and enticing for them, and Hudson has not only endorsed but has made the brand her very own.


The way Fabletics has had success competing with Amazon is that they’ve used a variety of methods to take advantage of the online first browsing but then bring those customers into their physical stores which are being opened. This perhaps is a sign that while the old physical store companies may be on the decline, physical stores are still important because customers still need to try on the apparel at the end of the day. What this entails is reverse showrooming which means instead of heading to the stores first see what they want and then buying online, they see what they want online first and then go to the store to get it. A simple concept but one that’s really not been done this way with certain other retailers.


So how did Fabletics really begin? While Kate Hudson has really put her stamp on the company, it’s an offshoot of JustFab which is now known as Techstyle Fashion Group, a company that former MySpace marketing gurus Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler founded. They wanted to enter the women’s athletic wear niche because they saw a void in that market that needed to be filled by more affordable designs. They decided to have Hudson run it because her personality and love for all things authentic was the perfect touch, and Hudson was all too happy to do it.


Hudson had only been an actress up until 2013 when Fabletics hit the ground running, but because she believed in the product and the brand brought customers in through big data and technology, it’s been a dynamic brand. It’s not just been about quality and affordability but actually giving customers a shopping experience they love. Now jumping on board the celebrities who are all in on Fabletics is pop singer Demi Lovato. If you want to see how Fabletics can fit you, you should head to and take the lifestyle quiz to get started finding your outfit.

Who Will Replace Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi As CEO Of Bradesco?

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the man who has served as CEO of Grupo Bradesco for the last 9 years, will soon be stepping down from that position in order to assume the role of chairman of the board. The 67-year-old executive is already past the 65-year-old maximum retirement age by two years, a condition that was made possible by the issuance of special waivers directly from the chairman himself, Lazaro Brandao.

Trabuco Cappi was permitted to stay on as CEO for an extended duration due to his intricate knowledge of the HSBC acquisition, which the bank completed in 2015. Trabuco Cappi was kept on board to oversee the integration of all of the HSBC assets into the Bradesco fold.

The current chairman, Brandao, in turn, will be stepping down permanently. At 92 years old, he is one of the oldest currently serving chairpersons in the world. Even as the nonagenarian banker approaches his mid-90s, there are still many stakeholders in the company that are not pleased to see him go. Brandao has overseen the period of the bank’s most phenomenal growth. Between 1990 and 2009, with Brandao serving in various executive roles, the bank’s value increased by more than 300 times. This has made Brandao into a sort of living legend in the minds of investor’s, with his presence at the top of the Bradesco pyramid heavily favored by those who have made so much money under his command.


Brandao has garnered as much respect and admiration as is usually reserved for the legendary founding leaders of companies. He is described by many shareholders in the same glowing terms as those used to by the shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway to describe Warren Buffett or the investors of Walmart to describe Sam Walton. But what is interesting about Brandao is his total lack of involvement in either the founding of the company or even its leadership for the first 38 years of its existence according to Still, he has gained a sort of hagiographic aura among Bradesco stakeholders that means that, even as he approaches an age beyond which most people live, his troops still rally around him.

This creates somewhat of a problem for Trabuco Cappi, who does not command the same kind of instant respect as Brandao. But Trabuco Cappi has arguably been just as critical in the ascent of Bradesco from small regional concern into one of the powerhouses of Latin American finance.

Over the course of his career, Trabuco Cappi has overseen multiple departments, taking many from unprofitability into the black and expanding the bank’s balance sheets and customer base as he did so. Trabuco Cappi was single-handedly responsible for turning the bank’s financial planning division into one of its most profitable units. And he was a key figure in the rapid expansion of the bank’s balance sheets throughout the 90s and 2000s. As the first one to implement a tiered banking system, in which the most valuable clients were offered world-class banking services, Trabuco Cappi was instrumental in boosting the amount of money on deposit by billions of dollars, thus allowing for dramatically increased loan origination.

There is no question that Trabuco Cappi will fulfill his duties of chairman with the same efficient and venerable approach with which he has handled other aspects of his career. But the question remains as to who will replace him as CEO.

Most of the smart money seems to be coalescing around Mauricio Minas, the bank’s 57-year-old chief IT officer. Minas was responsible for the development of the highly successful Next online banking platform as well as the integration of all HSBC tech assets into those of Bradesco. He is considered a heavy favorite.


Betsy Devos – article recap

Betsy Devos, President Trump’s appointee for secretary of education, has caused quite a stir in a short amount of time. She might be a key in some of Trump’s most controversial policies, as shown by her response to his lifting of an Obama-era policy that allows transgender students to use school bathrooms based on their gender identities.


The Michigan billionaire said that Trump’s lifting of the policy was a matter of undoing “a very huge example of the Obama administration’s overreach.”


Aside from that, Devos has also raised eyebrows for being appointed secretary of education, a position that deals with public school policies. Devos doesn’t seem to have particularly strong ties to public schools. None of her children have attended one and she has been a proponent of charter schools.


Although Devos was ultimately confirmed by the Senate, it was by a rather slim margin. She was approved with a victory of 51-50. The 100 senators were evenly split, meaning newly-inaugurated Vice President Mike Pence had to cast the tie-breaking vote, a very unlikely occurrence.


Despite her perceived opposition to public schools, Devos has corresponded with major figures in the public school system. She phoned Randi Weingarten and Lily Eskelan Garciá, heads of the two most prominent teachers’ unions in the country. Weingarten returned the call and agreed to visit schools with Devos, a sign that Devos could be playing smart in order to see results.


Devos and her supporters argue that she’s not looking to dismantle public schools but rather to improve them in order to better compete with test scores from other countries, and to give more options to families, such as charter schools and voucher programs. Those who oppose her policies say that they will serve to undermine public schools in favor of charter schools, which they find dubious in terms of pros.


While Devos’ actions and policies with education have been largely chastised, those from Michigan champion her work at home, before she was confirmed. She and her husband Dick Devos, whose family founded Amway, have been lauded for their altruism, with over $130 million in donations.


Even outside of Washington, Devos has been making some important connections. She spoke with rapper Pitbull at a charter school he opened in Miami, to advocate for the school choice. An unlikely pair? Yes, but Devos’ outsider status and thinking outside the box could really serve her well.


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Betsy DeVos Advocating For Suitable Learning Environment For All American Students

Betsy DeVos has become an interesting woman to many people who prove her as a successful leader in various fields which include business, education, and politics. She is a dynamic woman who has participated in many fields as an advocate and fighting for the rights of her people in removing the barriers that make people’s life hard knowing that it is a call of duty to ensure her people receive the best services to foster their welfare and standard living. She has been advocating for the removal of obstacles that hinders people’s efforts to thrive in their capacities.

Betsy DeVos is the current U.S. Education Secretary who has a strong view on reviving the education system advocating for many reforms that bring equality to the students so that they can all achieve their goals feeling that they are in the most conducive environment. She stood up to speak at the recently at a dinner held Washington Policy Center where she gave out her firm stand in education that fulfills the goals of every student in a more systematic way. She has a strong feeling about the LGBT student protections on her new profile. There came a release of a long piece about Betsy DeVos strong stand where she gave out a comment about the decision made by the Justice Department’s involving the protection of transgender students that was put in place by the Obama Administration.

On another subject, Betsy DeVos family including her husband made contributions to the Michigan political action committees with some amount that totaled to $5,000. Although she had previously stated her family wouldn’t be contributing any funds to political organizations, but Greg McNeilly who is their chief operating officer at the Dick DeVos’ company defended the moving saying that Betsy DeVos stands as a royal citizen outside her job. She has a lot of wealth which she uses to facilitate the agendas of her family and to the society as well. She has worked a long way to climb up to become the secretary of education in the US indicating that she is a strong woman who finds her way to achieve.

Betsy achieved her degree in Arts after a successful education career from the Calvin College in Grand Rapids. She pursued her leadership roles and found herself serving in many political organizations for more than 35 years now. At first, she served as the Chairman of The Windquest Group. After that, she was later elected as the chairman the Michigan Republican Party and served four times. Currently, her main focus is engaging in streamlining the education system. She is a renowned Philanthropy who has worked with the American Federation to foster for better lives for the children.


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The Versatile Boraie Development

Some towns in the New Jersey have demonstrated high demands in terms of housing. Excellent inventions have led to this high demand. Developments in the town have enabled the rising need for houses with many apartments being constructed. The town has been able to cope with the changing of prices thanks to its ability to transit.

The towns in the New Jersey are able to access the transit stations. This is due to their location which is only some few minutes from the stations. Individuals with an interest to purchase new homes in the town are greatly attracted by this feature. The low prices that are being offered in purchasing the houses have enabled economists to predict a difference in the real estates.

The economists further predict that the interests that are being offered to the home buyers will lure buyers into the lucrative deal. The jobs that are being created by the companies will enable more individuals settling in the towns hence the need for more houses. Consumers have also largely settled in the town enabling the need for housing.

The credits that are provided by the mortgage facilities are the low enabling business to boom in the country. Many companies have sprung up in the New Jersey that has enabled houses to develop in the New Jersey. The company has been in existence for almost 20 years. The company has been able to fund most of its projects through the private capital that it has acquired.

The projects that the company engages in include the commercial banks. The Boraie development company has been lauded for working with the architects and the financial institutions that are strong. These individuals have been able to achieve their goals by meeting deadlines for the set projects. This is to ensure the successful and timely delivery of projects.

The Boraie Development by Sam Boraie has been successful in offering quality services. The services have mainly focused on managing the real estate’s where their property has been safeguarded. The company has provided sales and marketing and the development of projects in the town. The company has been highly praised for providing excellent services to its customers.

According to Central Jersey Working Moms, the company has also enhanced the aspect of capitalism and the visions of various institutions. The projects that are also conducted at the company are reliable in that individuals can invest their income in them. Residential and other investors have benefited from the projects since they are quality. Extra value has been enhanced by the company due to its ability to manage the assets properly. Central Jersey Working Moms has been instrumental in publishing the article.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall-Making a Difference.

Everyone loves a story of a hero. It is this stories that keep us going in our quench to become like them. We learn from failures and now what our next step in our project should be. Roberto Santiago is one of the entrepreneurs who young business people look up to learn, fetch motivation and stay inspired.

Roberto Santiago is one of the prestigious investors in Brazil. Santiago is the owner of the two most prominent malls in Brazil. The Mangeira Mall and the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall, which was his ultimate investment.

Roberto Santiago became known to his people, as a result of his blogging activities. Santiago used to post informative, exciting and catchy articles. This earned him a big audience. His blogging also gained him popularity.

This, however, did not distract Santiago from achieving his ultimate dream of giving his people a complete entertainment center. As a child, he had realized that the occupants of Joao Pessoa had to travel for leisure activities.

The objective of the Roberto Santiago Manaira was to give the residents complete leisure facilities. This is why Roberto Santiago is considered a unique entrepreneur. Many investors start a business with the primary goal being to generate profit. The primary goal for Roberto Santiago was to improve the welfare of the community.

Roberto Santiago has achieved his goal. With the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall, the residents do not have to travel in search of leisure. The mall has numerous activities that people can engage in to refresh.

One of the greatest development of the Manaira Mall is the Domus Hall. The Domus Hall can hold a capacity of 10000 people. It is divided into two; the upper room and lower room. The Upper side is set aside for clients who need privacy. The other side is used to hold concerts.

The Domus Hall is well aerated to ensure that it’s conducive for everyone. The fact that the halls hold up such a significant capacity does not make it less efficient. The hall is designed in such a way that everyone gets a clear view of what’s happening on the screen. The sound range and lighting of the hall is also extraordinary.

The Domus Hall is not restricted as a venue for watching movies. It is also used as a venue for hosting shows by celebrities. The residence is consulted while deciding on the star to invite. This is to ensure that many people benefit and enjoy the show.

The occupants are also given the liberty to lend the hall for their ceremonies. Many graduations, conferences, and weddings have taken place here. The services are offered at affordable rates.

The Manaira Mall is, therefore, a significant development in Brazil. It is an investment that made a difference in the society.



Todd reveals that the idea for TDL Global Ventures came from working in the finance and credit space and he decided to help others fulfill their goals. He came up with a way that would eliminate the barriers that hindered people from receiving the necessary loans that they needed and that was only possible if he came up with a product and program for the individuals who aspire to be entrepreneurs that would give them the relief that they wanted.

A typical day according to Todd Lubar starts with a cup of coffee and breakfast with his kids then he puts his industry into prioritization thus making him come up with ways of making the day productive. For one to bring ideas to life, you should have the will to make them fruitful. Associating yourself with useful people that will help you make the idea come to life or add you other useful ideas is also very useful.

On Patreon Todd Lubar said that he is fascinated by the upcoming technology such as remote home functioning, especially at homes. He is impressed by the fact that he can control his a/c fans and lights in his home by using a remote. He has also boosted his security at home by having several security cameras that help him check on his home from time to time using his phone.

For one to be more productive as an entrepreneur, you should always keep yourself organized and learn new things in the aspect of business thus you will end up making informed decisions.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar; The President at TDL Global Ventures, LLC and the Senior Vice President to successful, famous investments. Todd is also a businessman and an entrepreneur who has an experience of over twenty years in the real estate industry. He has helped many individuals to fulfill their dreams in the industry. Mr. Lubar has been ranked in the top twenty-five mortgage originators for numerous years.

He has also worked in some industries such as the entertainment industry and the mortgage banking industry. Todd Lubar strives to serve the community, and he uses his broad knowledge and vast experience to help others rise to success. Todd Lubar started his career in the Real Estate industry in the year 1995.He started as a loan originator with Crestar Mortgage Corporation.This is where he made himself familiar with conservative mortgage banking. Todd mostly spent his time in creating relationships with Real Estate agents and much more that could form a strong base of a source of referral to the business that he would later establish. View Todd’s full profile on


Dick Devos Proves Critics Wrong by Proving That His Family’s Charitable Giving Exceeds Political Donations

Criticism aside, Dick and Betsy DeVos is a couple well known for engaging in philanthropy. Critics have been quoted in different times saying that Dick and Betsy overspend in sponsoring political campaigns compared to what they pump into supporting philanthropic programs. Records from the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation and other reliable sources, however, prove these critics wrong. Figures don’t lie, and going by the figures from the sources; then it’s true to say that what the DeVoses give out in support of political agendas and ideologies is dwarfed by their enormous contributions to charity.


Charitable Donations


The charitable donations made by Dick and Betsy sum up to hundreds of millions of dollars. When President Donald Trump honored Betsy with a cabinet slot after he ascended to power earlier this year, the vetting panel requested her to produce records that showed how her family has been donating to various courses. As such, the DeVoses gave a clear break down of how they have been spending over the recent past.


For the time between 2012 and now, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has made political donations in the region of $5.3 million. As for contributions to charity, the foundation report showed that it had coughed about $11.6 million to charity in 2015 alone. A quick arithmetic shows that what the family gives to charity in a year is double what it gives to politicians.


Supporting Education


Narrowing down to the specifics in the report, the DeVoses are more generous in supporting programs that enhance education reforms and development. The report indicates that more than a quarter of the $11.6 million the couple donated to charity in 2015 was channeled into the education sector. In Betsy’s own submission, education is a priority to them because it’s by it that the entire citizenry is empowered. Her argument is and has always been that every American kid should be free to live the American dream without discrimination. As for Dick, he believes that restricting kids to schools within their zip codes is wrong in the sense that those born and raised in wrong codes are condemned to missing out on their dreams.


Dick DeVos acknowledges the input by teachers and other educators in helping kids in school. He, however, notes that teachers cannot do much without all the stakeholders pulling together. On top of funding other people’s initiatives and supporting charter schools across the nation, Dick and Betsy are the founders of Great Lakes Education Foundation that advocates for education equality in Michigan.


About Dick DeVos


Going by his Facebook profile, Dick DeVos was born in 1955 in Michigan. He is a fan and supporter of Orlando Magic Basketball, which he previously served as president and CEO between 1991 and 1993. He is the current M.D of The Windquest Group.